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¿Hablas español?

At Edna Brewer the students can take Spanish in sixth, seventh, and eighth grade. The classes go from introductory to advanced.

All our Spanish courses place an importance on listening, speaking, reading and writing while obtaining vocabulary and knowledge on various topics of interest in the Latin American and Spanish Cultures in fun-engaging activities, exercises, and projects.

The courses allow and encourage lots of practice of the language in and outside the classroom. There are small and major projects in topics such as basic knowledge of Latin American countries, calendar, greetings, numbers, introductions, clothing items, weather, likes, dislikes, verb conjugation, family and others. These projects will culminate in an oral and visual presentation.

Taking the three years of Spanish at Edna will give the students the opportunity to be placed in advanced Spanish at the moment of their arrival to High School.

Spanish language learning tips for beginners: Practice regularly, use flashcards, immerse yourself in Spanish media.