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PTSA Budget

Understanding the Budget

Our total Budget for the 2023-2024 school year reflects projections of $361,451 in revenue and $384,661 in expenses. This is a large budget for a PTSA at an Oakland Public School.

Our budget has increased significantly over the past several years. This is due to the increased fundraising efforts of the PTSA (hurray Brewer families!) and increased need for support due to the lasting impact of the pandemic on our community.

In general, our budgeted activities fall into clear categories this coming academic year:

  • Funding for academics and enrichment activities: Budgeted at $109,000 for this school year.
  • Funding for 8th grade promotion: Budgeted at $15,500 for this school year which $7,500 is expected to to be raised by 8th Grade families.
  • Funding for 8th grade DC trip: Budgeted at $60,000 for this school year which is expected to be 100% funded by 8th Grade DC families.
  • Funding for community building activities: Budgeted at $21,750 for this school year.
  • Expenses related to fundraising activities : $5,000.
  • Funding to support culture and climate: Budgeted $71,000 for student directed activities and $53,750 for staff directed activities for this school year.
  • Panther Pride, caring for our school community and facility, is budgeted at $17,000.
  • Flexible support: Budgeted $10,000 for this school year.
  • Operations: $6,600 for this school year.
  • In addition, we have budgeted $10,000, approximately 3.5% of our operating budget for fund sharing with higher need schools. Most of this is revenue from our fun run and dedicated auction activities.

Once all regular revenue and spending is determined we decide how much money to keep in reserves and how much to expend on special projects.

  • Our by-laws state that we try to keep about 40% of our operating budget in reserves. For this year this comes up to about $154,00.
  • Our current reserves balance is $148,950

Budget estimates are based on:

  • Historic knowledge – based on the last five years of budget and expenditures
  • Information from event lead
  • Take into account other funds coming from the school or raised by specific departments.

The budget cycle is as follows:

  • Initial draft budget is developed in the spring for the upcoming school year and approved as a draft by the board.
  • Budget is revised after close of books in June to take into account new information on actual expenditures the previous year.
  • Final budget for year approved at first PTSA general meeting of the year (August 2023).
  • Mid-year vote on additional reserves spending.
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